Artist: Björk
Song: "The Comet Song"

Music meme; What do you listen to? - 15/? - The Comet Song

Like the bugs in mother’s flower bed

We walk on long legs over the sea bed

On our mission to save the world, oh!

We need milk and cakes and a warm bed

Comet! Oh, damn it!

The comet comes hurtling down

On a precious plot of earth

Grey leaves are too much

For any mother to handle

A father must pull 

His black hat down over the eyes

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Anthropomorphic Tree

Anthropomorphism which is the recognition of human-like characteristics or form in animals, plants or non-living things. This tree, which can be found in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, has roots which have taken a human-like form.

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dogs dealing with cats sleeping in their beds

This has to be the cutest and saddest thing

if you need to smile, watch this



Tea spirit prints are now available!

I’m getting some of these for my living room so help me god. It is gonna be CLASSY.


youre gonna look so godamn cool

Zankyou no Terror ending animation by Takeshi Koike

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Artist: Yann Tiersen
Song: "J'y suis jamais allé"

Music meme; What do you listen to? - 14/? - J’y suis jamais allé

Artist: Ellie Goulding
Song: "The Writer"

We’re interrupted by the heat of the sun
Trying to prevent what’s already begun
You’re just a body, I can smell your skin
And when I feel it, you’re wearing thin

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